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A little about me

I'm a self-taught painter, living and working in Italy. I used to pencil draw every day during high school, mainly portraying faces: the lady who used to clean my desk knows all about it. 
Some years ago I decided to seriously grab my paintbrushes and colors and express what I love to imagine. It's such a joy to be reminded of how it feels like to create, to have colours, mediums, gel all over your hands. 

I find interesting and stimulating to represent the multiple states of mind associated to our endless search for identity, for freedom and peace as a response to the hardships and confusion of life.My main subjects are abstracts, where I try to stretch the limits of single techniques to obtain contaminations and unexpected light, textural and layered effects. I also love to represent human figures, surrounded by their inner space of mind where all our struggles and achievements take place.

At the beginning, I privileged mixed media actual-texture artworks made with acrylic bold colors, and a rich tactile quality obtained through the use of gesso, acrylic mediums and gels, and even sand and stones. Presently, I’m working on actual-texture artworks but I privilege neutral tones and black & white contrasts. In 2017 I also started to create my new-media works with a pen & touch tablet and software for image creation. I found this helps me to represents not only bold and extreme emotions, but also the subtle struggle of our inner world through the use of neutral nuances and soft light effects.

My principal source of inspiration are my outdoor walks, invariably ending in sitting down and enjoying the lights, stillness and power of the landscape and all the smallest details close to me. I also love when people talk to each other, minding their own business as I imagine things about their life. In general, I think I love being caught by "the other" - being it an individual or the nature - as the most important way to meaningfulness and to personal growth.

When people are moved by their own emotions in front of the artwork, perhaps willing to touch its surface, I feel fulfilment and connection with them, thinking I can give something meaningful in return.

I deem my works are mainly influenced by modern and contemporary artists. In particular I'm drawn by abstract expressionists – Pollock, Rothko – and neoexpressionists – e.g., Anselm Kiefer, Dan Colen – especially for their experimental use of materials and techniques. Considering my digital paintings, I’m also drawn by the artistic search of neoluminists like Steven DaLuz, Pauline Ziegen and April Gornik.

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you like my works. 
Much Love, Francesca


20-22 October 2017. Art Shopping Paris, Carrousel du Louvre. Paris, France. With QueenArtStudio (Padua, Italy).

19-29 January 2018. Affordable Art. Collective exhibition at Galleria Merlino. Florence, Italy. 

25-28 January 2018. Art Innsbruck22nd International Art Fair. Innsbruck, Austria. With QueenArtStudio (Padua, Italy).

21 Feb-03 Mar 2018. Impronte d'arte. Collective exhibition at Galleria Merlino. Florence, Italy. 

26 Feb-06 Mar 2018. La camera delle meraviglie. Collective exhibition at Galleria D'Arte Mentana. Florence, Italy. 

2-6 March 2018. I Biennale d'arte contemporanea della Brianza. Collective exhibition at Monastero del Lavello. Lecco, Italy.  

5-19 March 2018. Ricerche di stile. Collective exhibition at Galleria Merlino. Florence, Italy. 

30 Mar-6 April 2018. Anatomia della bellezza. Collective exhibition at Casa Cava, Matera, Italy.  

30 Apr-5 May 2018. Experiments. Collective exhibition at Galleria Merlino. Florence, Italy. 

7- 16 May 2018. Dentro l'arte. Collective exhibition at Galleria Merlino. Florence, Italy.

17- 31 May 2018. Rivelazioni. Collective exhibition at Galleria Merlino. Florence, Italy.

15- 23 Jun 2018. Carta bianca. Collective exhibition at Galleria Merlino. Florence, Italy.

22-29 Jun 2018. On tour Venice. Collective exhibition at Galleria Art Studio Larkina. Venice, Italy.

4 Aug - 4 Sep 2018. Stanze. Labirinti d'arte e poesia. Collective exhibition at the Studio-Gallery-Ipogeo Antica Saliera, Lecce, Italy.  



19- 21 Oct. 2018. Art Shopping Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, 21st Edition, Paris, France.

 Suspended | 2017 |  20x30in | Original artwork printed on Aluminium Dibond with UV cured inks. 

Suspended | 2017 |  20x30in | Original artwork printed on Aluminium Dibond with UV cured inks. 


Winner of the first prize at the I Biennale d'arte contemporanea della Brianza with Suspended.Collective exhibition at Monastero del Lavello, Lecco, Italy - In collaboration with Artexpertise, Florence, Italy. 2-6 March 2018.    

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