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Francesca Borgo - FraBor Art

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A little about me

I'm a self-taught Italian painter, and used to draw and paint since I was a kid.

Art is my antidote to fears of social homologation, insecurity and violence – it’s a precious chance to shape life around my own values, my personal way to feel and act free.

I love to represent abstract landscapes: I figure my outdoor walks are the main source of inspiration, as retracing my steps, enjoying the lights, diving into the smallest details, allow me to find balance. Also, when I touch the bark of old trees I feel connected to earth and my perception of time expands, allowing calm feelings and a sense of perspective.

I often represent that peacefulness as cloudy areas merging into one another. To me that is a dialogue between land and sky; individual and society; man and nature; inner aspirations and external pressures; past choices and future projects. This undefined and moving space represents my chance to reach awareness, to affirm, to experiment and, ultimately, to fair and honest dialogue. By processing these apparently contrasting aspects, I find myself again and I’m able to keep growing.

In many of my paintings I love to enrich the representation adding textural effects, using acrylic colours, gesso, acrylic resins mixed to sand and, sometimes, stones. I like to use both dense and diluted colours – preferably earthy natural tones – to create nuanced and subtle effects, while with metallic pigments I create light reflections. These layers allow me to bring contrasting attributes to the painting, such as smooth and grainy, fine and coarse, matte and shiny, light and shadow, that I try to combine into a global feeling of gracefulness. The coexistence of additional sensory aspects is my way to invite the viewer to embrace not only the visual, but also tactile and temporal dimensions into their experience, to feel the whole and, perhaps, to imagine what is not even there.

I also love to work with digital painting techniques, using a pen, touch-tablet and computer software for image creation and manipulation, that I eventually print (mostly) as unique copies. This technique allows me to represent from a different angle the subtle struggle of our inner world and to experiment new compositions, chromatic ensembles and multifaceted light effects.

I am so grateful when people are moved by their own emotions in front of the painting, perhaps willing to touch its surface or imagining himself or herself into it. When this happens, the common ground for a dialogue is established: everyone is safe and free to experience and express.

I deem my works are mainly influenced by modern and contemporary artists. In particular I’m drawn by abstract expressionists such as M. Rothko, J. Pollock; neo-expressionists like A. Kiefer, D. Colen – especially for their experimental use of materials and techniques; abstract artists such as Helen Frankenthaler and Zao Wou-Ki. I love the works of masters such as J.M.W. Turner and C. Monet.


Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you like my works.

Much Love, Francesca