Welcome to my collection of artworks. I love change and this is reflected also in my art production. With mixed media I explore rich texture effect, from subtle to bold ones, mixing acrylic colors to gesso, resins, sands and sometimes also stones. With my digital artworks, entirely handmade with a pen and touch tablet, I love to create paintings as if I were using a paintbrush, experimenting more nuanced color effects. The majority of my artworks are for sale either here or on SAATCHI ART.

If you interested in an artwork or wish to ask for a commissioned work, I’ll be very happy to give you more information or start a collaboration.



All artworks are printed as unique originals on aluminium Dibond or on Perspex (Plexiglas) with UV cured inks. Only in few cases I have limited edition prints.


These paintings emphasize actual texture, to give a rich tactile experience. The materials I use vary considerably, from stones to sand, gesso, resins, latex and rope.