Such a lovely coffee break!

My day is usually busy with painting either with “real colors”, or with pixels when I’m on working on digital artworks. It’s somehow a solitary day (except for my cat and the music :)

But sometimes I happen to meet amazingly energetic people, outspoken and positive! That’s what happened with the team at YCB. Your Coffee Break is such a lovely lifestyle magazine, rich of tips and very interesting information, advices, facts, with a fresh and modern layout, beautiful photos... It’s simple: I just love it.

And (narcissist moment) they like my works!! Two of them are arriving to their HQ in these days: I’m so excited to know what Charlotte and her team will think of them.

Meanwhile, what in Italy we call a “Grande grazie!” to all of the editorial staff. Feeling appreciated has incredible value. I hope my works will give them a smile.

Ok, back to brushes now :)

Near and Far Abstract landscape.jpg